king tides this weekend

spent the morning taking photos of my neighbourhood; enjoyed an amazing sunrise at thorneside, (where the ocean is parallel to my street), ran in the bush near lota before taking pictures of the boardwalk, where it was cyclist pandemonium as they all removed their shoes and socks and carried their bikes through knee-high water. too high to ride through, even on a mountain bike – believe me, i tried to talk them into it for the “spray” shot but they weren’t having any of it. i particularly liked the “planet” jerseys, reminding me that this is our home and rising sea levels are going to be a problem. these shots will be sent to green cross for the king tide project, planning for the impact of rising seas.

then we went to the beach!

canon eos 7D

testing my new canon eos 7D camera at wynnum this morning…sky was plain but the early light and old wading pool made for some grungy shots. the 7D is user-friendly with great features like 19 focus points and rapid-fire continuous shooting. what a great christmas present, birthday present, next christmas present…pete’s definitely raised the bar for future gifts!

it looks to be a good year for skipping girl design with a business certificate to study for, photography assignments and workshops and yet more interior design. keep those projects rolling in…

guesting and tripping

cool to be guesting for a photographer whose work i admire. here’s a link:

moreton island – here are some shots from a fortnight ago. it’s such a beautiful place and so close to home, just 1 1/2 hours by ferry. we climbed mt tempest, swam in blue lake, eagles came close and taipans stayed away. ann and barry were inspirational and it was great to hang out with a bunch of photographers who would also only manage a dozen steps before they just had to take a photo.

rainbow beach

school holidays and friends invited us to stay at their ‘shack’ at rainbow beach, just 3 hours drive from brisbane. we rode a boogie board at carlo sandblow, avoided snakes on the walk to the beach, swam in the ocean, adopted a poodle (temporary), made an unreal pasta dish, enjoyed the company of children, vowed to be more passionate in life and took a few photos. home now, feeling inspired to work on bathrooms and beach houses this week

stilts at sunrise

when i arrive at wynnum the sky is purple, turning to orange. people are everywhere; running, chatting, cycling, offering photography tips. julie lends me her filters and suggests we capture the birds with the sunrise behind – magic. i take 200 shots of seagulls and stilts. raquel is taking just as many shots as me. my trousers are covered in sand, again but i’m not thinking about laundry, the day is beginning beautifully and there’s plenty of time for everything. gray makes his public debut as an oboist this evening at the prep soiree and i’m looking forward to hearing his solo performance, ‘march of the ducks’