goal oriented living

i’m a person who doesn’t like goals. living in the present is at odds with planning for retirement! this year though i’ve set some goals.

my fitness goal this year: to complete a half marathon. two weeks into my 20 weeks of training i enter the australia day “convicts and wenches” 10km race at victoria point in queensland. i see my friends are all doing the half marathon though so i upgrade. it’s a late night decision, before i consult the weather forecast or think it through rationally. i mean, i know i can run 10km, so where’s the challenge in that?

its done nothing but rain this past week but now the rain ceases and it’s a muggy 30 degrees as we set out…fast.¬†cycling has given me endurance. you don’t want to be dropped. you stay in that peloton at all costs. running has made me more body-aware. you have to settle into a run, you start to enjoy it, then all too soon, your body has had enough. there’s an art to talking yourself out of giving up and that’s the real challenge.

i finished my first half marathon in 2 hours and 10 minutes. i hated most of it and i’m not about to do squats or lunges or much of anything today but i did it and now i can aim to run it more comfortably in july at the gold coast half marathon, a much bigger event.

so, with 11 months left in the year, i need to set another fitness goal…


I’m very excited to have been awarded 2nd place in the People category for my first venture into photographic competitions. The Redlands 14th Annual Exhibition of Photography is a national competition and I can’t wait to attend opening night to check out the other submissions.

The close up of an elite cyclist was taken in the rain at our local Mt Cotton Kermese earlier this year. It will be on show in Cleveland, with another of my photographs showing tourists admiring Gaudi’s astonishing architecture at Casa Batllo in Barcelona, and lots of other images by the talented photographers from the Redlands and beyond.

Second place allows me great room for improvement, humility and a challenge for next year!