wawick pentath-run 2014

I’ve just spent the weekend in Warwick participating in the annual Pentath-run. It’s a fantastic and unique event so when I heard friends were going I couldn’t resist.

On Saturday there was a 1/2 marathon (21.1km), 4.6km x-country and 5km TT. This was backed up on Sunday with a 10km hill climb and a 1500m sprint through Warwick town centre. The idea is to complete all five races which add up to 42.2km, marathon distance.

I was hoping the Saturday 1/2 marathon race would help my Gold Coast marathon training (with only 5 weeks to go I needed to test my pace) but I wasn’t expecting so many hills, which I hadn’t trained for since Gold Coast is a flat course. The hills at 16 and 18k were particularly memorable but I kept repeating ‘shut up legs’ and managed a PB. The landscape was breath-taking, with fog rising off the fields as we ran through the countryside from Warwick to Yangan.

I chose to miss the x-country and took on the time trial (TT), reluctantly and with heavy legs but the atmosphere soon took over and I was quite happy with my time. The best thing about the TT was the location at Sandy Creek, with the finish line located next to the pub! There’s an unofficial race to be the first to finish the TT and down a beer!

Finish line on the left, pub on the rightFinish line on the left, Sandy Creek pub on the right

The fog was lifting at the foot of the hill climb in Kilarney this morning The fog was rising as we drove to the foot of the hill climb in Killarney

On Sunday I skipped the hill climb (not literally, that would be silly) and photographed the athletes who made it look so easy. The falls at the summit were quite something and reminded me to spend more time in nature (and remember my tripod for truly awesome shots).

The fastest runner...The fastest runner going flat out to the start of the hill climb


It’s business as usual for Brisbane Running Buddies who participate every year

The 1500m dash completed the event and I managed a 1km PB. Next year I’ll return, with some training and attempt all five challenging races. It was fantastic being with the Brisbane Running Buddies – what a great bunch of people! I thoroughly enjoyed your company over the weekend. Thanks to Dave for extending the invitation.

T & Tess

20140525-SUE_4857 20140525-SUE_4893

brisbane open house

Brisbane Open House last weekend saw hundreds of Brisbanites take to the streets with cameras and lanyards around their necks. First stop for me was One One One Eagle Street, perhaps Brisbane’s newest and coolest landmark. The glazed lift travelled as fast as a roller coaster depositing us on one of the top floors. Cox Rayner Architects have created a building that is peerless with cutting edge security, concierge services and an open floor space with astonishing views. Every little corner, junction of materials, aesthetic decision shows a refined level of design and attention to detail.



The Spring Hill Baths date from the late1800’s and display the gender politics of the time with segregated change cubicles surrounding the pool. It is an indoors space which connects with the outdoors via a large penetration in the roof. This gives the baths a wonderful quality of light. The interior colours are timeless and the balcony corridors can’t be much more than 300mm wide. Those were the days when accessibility meant you had a grand front door.

Segregation 2_Interior Category_SDTaking the Plunge_Interior Category_SD

Our last explore was a home in Carina designed by Donald Spencer in 1966. It is a vintage classic, owned by design aficionados who still rock the 60’s. It has a Tardis quality, being far more spacious and interesting on the inside. The owners have planned an extension; a glass box above the carport, which may substantially change the structure but they are working with Spencer’s relatives, also architects, to ensure a sensitive merging of new and old.

SUE_5381Look out for Brisbane Open House in 2014

the outdoor type

Less than two hours from home lies the great outdoors; mountain air, bushwalking and greenness.

Years ago I would head to Lamington National Park on a Friday after work, pitch a tent in the dark and wake to the pademelons grazing outside.

Earlier this year I ran the Border Track from O’Reilly’s to Binna Burra. What an experience, navigating tree roots and overhanging vines in the dark, dark rainforest.

This trip I brought my camera and took advantage of my affinity with birds.

Shot with a Canon 7D and (mostly) Sigma 50-500mm lens. I hope you enjoy the images.

SUE_6061_rufous in nest

SUE_6867_robin  SUE_6814_fig tree   SUE_6767_nest    SUE_6615_riflebird 2   SUE_6250_oreillys lscape SUE_6239_oreilys lscape 2 SUE_6229_oreilys lscape 3SUE_5996_landscape 2 SUE_6167_firetail SUE_6087_funghi 2 SUE_6076_rufous in nest 2  SUE_6021_parrot  SUE_5880_rainforest SUE_5915_caveman       SUE_5743_forestSUE_5609_skink  SUE_5554_orange dragonfly

SUE_5534_goannaSUE_6810_ginko SUE_5669_funghi 3SUE_5768SUE_6692_bowerSUE_5601_blue flower


skipping girl design has been busy photographing weddings. it was an absolute pleasure to create images for kirsikka and camm, naomi and lee, haidee and jack. we learnt a lot about shooting in the rain, about not placing your camera too close to a bottle of champagne that’s being uncorked and about looking for the emotion and private moments which pass between people even at a public occasion. here are some of our favourite images…

we shoot weddings with talented portrait photographer anne-louise of fotofox

bird of paradise

a subtle autumn

brisbane has only subtle seasonal change; the days are still bright, trees stay green but the frangipani now stand naked and you can find the odd liquid amber as evidence of autumn. it might be time for gloves and a scarf, maybe soon.