brisbane to gladstone yacht race

i spent good friday on “loose cannon”, the starter boat for the brisbane to gladstone yacht race. it was a great experience with the yachts circling us, then vying for top position before the race. great people on board too.

the gun sounded, 4 shots in total, flags were raised and the race began. we had been asked to focus on 3 multihull yachts, “attitude”, “chill pill” and “mojo” but i was taken with the trimaran “team australia” which eventually won. she is a beautiful french craft and the crew looked super efficient, with a few women among the men.

we followed the yachts out to redcliffe, where the wind picked up and then returned home, briefly entertained by an 18ft skiff race.


2 thoughts on “brisbane to gladstone yacht race

  1. Nice photos !! I’m going to be racing myself next year (I hope) though my race is somewhat longer in duration……11 months and 40,000 miles…I hope I take photos as well as you do !!
    Check it out…

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